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1) What will Club RBL Matchmaking do for me?

At RealBlackLove we will learn what will make an ideal match for you and what you need in a future relationship. Using this information, one of our matchmakers will introduce you to matches that he feels you will be most compatible with. No more wondering, waiting or awkward feelings as all of the hand-picked matches will express great interest in you. RBL does the hard work while you go on great dates and make a great connections.

2) How does this work?

After you have submitted an inquiry to Club RBL Matchmaking as a VIP member, you’ll receive a phone call from a team member. This initial call will give you more information about how the club works. Based on the information gathered from the conversation, the process of finding great matches for you will begin.

3) How do I sign up for Club RBL Matchmaking?

First you must send an interest in the club using the form found on this page.

4) Will you arrange my dates?

No. We will provide you with compatible matches who are interested in you. It is entirely up to you and your match to communicate or schedule dates. Your matchmaker will be available to provide you with feedback as well as listen to your experience after a date.

5) Will there be background checks on my matches?

No. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, LLC does not conduct criminal background checks on any of its members. There are a number of reasons for this including (but not limited to) incomplete or inaccurate criminal record databases. Background checks may provide subscribers with a false sense of security, and we do not want our members to have unrealistic expectations when using our services.

Additionally, we have a safety team dedicated to combating fraud and monitoring the quality and integrity of our singles databases. We do screen potential suitors who reside in the United States against publicly available sex offender registries. However, no method is full proof and we cannot guarantee that any of our efforts will be effective.

6) What if I start dating someone during my personal matchmaking subscription?

Awesome! If you decide to start dating someone, please notify us and we will stop your search by putting you in hold status. You can contact us at any time to pick the search back up.

8) Does the Club RBL provide me with any guarantees?

Yes. But it’s important to understand that we can not guarantee that you will become married. It is impossible for him to guarantee that a particular person will date you, or that you will want to date a particular person. Our matchmakers work on your behalf to make introductions with eligible people in hopes to find you a compatible long-term partner.

  • VIP+ Plus Members are guaranteed twelve (12) introductions.
  • VIP Members are guaranteed one (1) introduction every month.

9) What if this really isn’t working for me, is there a refund?

There is NO refund on VIP+ Plus Matchmaking once an agreement to the club has been signed. VIP Select Matchmaking monthly fee can discontinued with a 14-day written notice. VIP Select Matchmaking enrollment fee is non-refundable.

10) What else should I be informed on?

Please be sure to read the VIP Matchmaking Agreement before you invest in Club RBL Matchmaking. Note, this service is only available to U.S. residents.