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5 Rules to First Dinner Dates

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Are first impressions the best Impressions when it comes to dating? Here are 5 rules to help you avoid the pitfalls I experienced on dinner dates.

Put the phone down

Today cell phones are literally mini-computers. They can also be first date killers. If you want to turn a person off quick, keep looking at your cell phone. Give your date a fair shake and put the phone down. As a matter of fact, leave your phone in the car! If you have children or need to check on things back at home, step away and phone home during a bathroom break.

Be interested

Focus on being interested in the beginning, rather than interesting. You should be doing 20 percent of the talking and 80 percent of the listening when the night is young.

Don’t unpack the bags

Have you ever been on a first date and learned too much about the other person? It’s a good idea to be an open book; however, feed people information in small bites, especially emotional baggage. Let’s be realistic, you’re not going to meet many actively dating adults that don’t have emotional baggage. Be sure to leave the exes in the past because things will get awkward quick once you open Pandora’s Box. Be honest with the other person, yet don’t reveal too much too soon!

Order the right drink

It may sound petty but some people will judge you by the drink you order on the first date. For example, if you order juice or a soft drink, it may communicate that you’re uptight or very reserved. On the other hand, if you go for the strong stuff too early, you may come across as a thrill seeker or even worse a potential alcoholic! Start with a glass of white wine and although red might be healthier; you don’t want to stain your teeth while on the date.

Be respectful

Good manners will take you far in life. This has proven to be true, especially when it comes to dating. When you bless someone after they sneeze or ask to be excused if interrupting, people can’t help but respect you. Always remember, in order to receive respect, one must give respect and check your attitude at the door!

Now that you have the 5 rules to first dinner dates, you can focus on enjoying your meal. One more thing…do your homework on the restaurant before the date because the last thing you want is for the food quality or the atmosphere to spoil your dinner date!

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