Ayana J.

I’m a workaholic, which is why I don’t go out much. As an actress, I’m always looking for the next job, studying a script, or reading/learning more about acting. I don’t like going out by myself, which is another reason I don’t go out that much. I crave affection. But sometimes just being in the same room with someone is often enough for me. We don’t have to say anything at all. I hate to cook, which I know is a huge deal breaker for most (but you said list the good and the bad). 🙂 I cook out of necessity. I believe in being honest. I don’t sugar coat anything when I’m dating someone. Too often, people try to impress people to get what they want and then change when they have them. I’m not like that at all. I answer all questions up front, or if it’s too personal I’ll say I’m not ready to answer that yet. That’s why I don’t mind sharing that I hate to cook. Why waste each other’s time. If there’s a personality trait that I have that you can’t deal with, don’t you want to know it upfront? I know I do. Oh and I can’t forget to say that I have a wacky sense of humor! I can be quite random at times, which most people find funny. I’m a handy woman. I do all of my own home improvement projects. I like creating things out of unconventional items, like the bed I made for my dog out of pallets or the ottomans I made out of tires. My family usually calls me first to do any home repairs or improvements. I don’t go out much, unfortunately. I’d say maybe twice a month. Usually, I just go to see a movie or enjoy some live music at a jazz club.

Location: Greensboro, NC
Age: 39 years
Do you have children?: No
Do you want more children?: Yes
Income: 30K – 60K
Highest Education : Bachelors
Occupation: Actor
Height (ft/in): 5′ 9″
Body Type: Average
Faith/Religion: Christian
Do you smoke?: No
Do you drink?: Yes, socially


Dating History

How long have you been single? Three years

Why do you think you are single? I’m single because I haven’t made an effort to look for a mate.

What are some “deal-breakers” qualities in a man/woman (based on your dating preference)? Smoking and the excessive use of foul language.


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North Carolina