Demecos C.

I’m a really chill, laid back, inquisitive, inappropriately funny, helpful and cool dude to get to know.I’m an avid learner (understated) I have a quench for knowledge and using it daily, I’m the friend that sends out articles and Youtube videos and books passages at random.I’m mostly in a laughing mood or in a state of peace, I recognize the severity of our realities but I understand they won’t be resolved with the same plane of thinking nor energy.I don’t have any kids but I mentor often. I love the youth. I’m heavily involved in community unification and progression. I’m spontaneous. I will get up and go anywhere at a whims notice. That includes traveling to a different state or event. A sum of who I am: I’m an ENFJ Personality Type (Google It) Please let me know yours? I’m a being who’s existence is to magnify the usefulness of other humans sharing the same space. I’m growth minded and I operate outside of societal norms. Not to purposely be different but it’s the allure of growth and to be able to see what most don’t to help them gain advantage for prosperity in their lives. Because I’m going to be way straight financially lol.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Age: 28 years
Do you have children?: No
Do you want more children?: Yes
Occupation: Fear Coach & Owner
Height (ft/in): 6′ 4″
Body Type: Athletic
Faith/Religion: Spiritual
Do you smoke?: No
Do you drink?: Yes, socially

What do people remember most about you?: My personable charm my ability to be a great listener my quick problem solving ability my integrity my size

Do you have any special skills or talents?: Skills: Professional Life Coach, fortune 500 speaker and professional mentor, I can work on cars, can fix washing machines, cook, has a background in IT work, can take up a floor and put down floor carpet, good with tools in various ways. Talents: A great sense of humor,(I’ve done some stand up), I’ve acted before, I’ve danced in a nationally televised music video, ability to break down complex constructs and really ambitious? lol

What do you like to do in your spare time?: I love to learn via books and Youtube I do enjoy the gym and I love going to the movies.I enjoy being involved in the black community in various supporting ways. I don’t go out often at all. I should enjoy time out more but haven’t really for the past few years.

Dating History 

How long have you been single? 4 months

Why do you think you are single? I haven’t fully committed to seeking out a woman to build long-term companionship. On top of my uniqueness.

What is your favorite physical attribute on a woman/man? Smile, Healthy or Bodacious Figure Legs

What are some “deal-breakers” qualities in a man/woman? Obese, Narrow minded, Traditionalist Cynicism, Less than stellar hygiene.

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