LaNee J.

I’m very laid back, a lot o fun, I don’t take myself to seriously, and I’m not too much to deal with it! lol. The good, I’m like hanging with one of the fellas just in a woman’s body. I think I’m open minded, I’m SOME WHAT patient :), romantic, selfless, giving, funny, a go-getter, sophisticated, homegirl-ish, business minded, I like to say that I’m well rounded!The bad, I’m not as patient as I could be and I’m comedy can be considered sarcastic, even though its funny! I’ve been told my smile makes me stand out. What people remember most about me is my home girl personality. In my spare time I like to cook, read, go to the movies, travel, spend time with my son, and sit on my couch watching Netflix. I don’t get out often.

Location: Phoenix, AR
Age: 40 years
Do you have children?: Yes, live with me full-time
Do you want more children?: No
Income: 60K – 100K
Highest Education : Graduate
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Height (ft/in): 5′ 9″
Body Type: Average
Faith/Religion: Christian
Do you smoke?: No
Do you drink?: Yes, socially

Dating History

How long have you been single?: 3 years

Why do you think you are single?: I don’t have the time to get out and meet people and I don’t where single people gather these days.

What is your favorite physical attribute on a woman/man ?: A nice smile.

What are some “deal-breakers” qualities in a man/woman?: Height is a deal breaker. I’m 5′ 9 barefoot, 6 feet in heels easy. So I prefer men taller than 6′ 2. Smoke cigarettes is a deal breaker. I can deal with cigars, but not cigarettes. A man that is mean, rude or condescending to others.

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