Nicole L.

One of my old nicknames was “Lil Tyson” as in the boxer. My personality is exciting. You don’t always know what you are going to get because I am a free spirit. I make people feel alive! When your friend I am your FRIEND and when I am done with you it’s a WRAP the door is shut forever. I try to be a problem solver so if you approach me with a complaint be prepared for me to gosupergero on you and encourage you to move towards a solution versus just talk. I also have very unrealistic goals. I don’t believe in realistic. Nobody created massive success with that mindset. I have crazy faith, dream big, plan big and move big so if you don’t believe in the Law Of Attraction then you can’t sit at my lunch table. People remember my bubbly personality, it is what typically leaves a lasting impression. I go out maybe once per month. I enjoy finding new places to go and new activities. I don’t like repeating the same things often.

Location: Ashbury Park, NJ
Age: 33 years
Do you have children? Yes, live with me full-time
Do you want more children? Undecided/Open
Income: 30K – 60K
Highest Education : Some College
Occupation: Singer
Height (ft/in): 5′ 3″
Body Type: Fit
Faith/Religion: Spiritual
Do you smoke?: No
Do you drink?: Yes, socially

Dating History

How long have you been single? 2 years

Why do you think you are single? I am single because I’ve sold myself short a time or two. I am not in a hurry to rush back towards the alter or lifetime commitment.

What is your favorite physical attribute on a woman/man? Arms! They must look strong and be readily available for cuddling.

What are some “deal-breakers” qualities in a man/woman? Having a “just enough” attitude.

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Ashbury ParkNew Jersey