Tasha R.

That I’m a tomboy, most people see me in church or work, unless they’re close to me they will always see me dressed for work or the gym. If they know me they know I’m like a big kid when it comes to enjoying the fun things like playing in the dirt to plant or create something that will bloom every year. I’ve been single as in divorced since 2006. I’ve been out of a relationship since 2014. I’m quiet when I don’t know people, I’m sociable once I have come to learn the setting I’m in, I adjust to any situation I’m put in, and I don’t like to argue. I believe if things can’t be communicated calmly they don’t need to be discussed in anger. The bad, if someone views it that way, would be my sarcastic gestures and my honesty. I attempt not to be too honest with people I don’t know. I tend to try not to hurt anyone’s feelings, I can take criticism when it’s done in a supportive fashion. I don’t believe in degrading anyone but helping them. I think my kindness, my want to help others, having humility, first and foremost. The way I treat others! I can’t say that I have any special skills or talents, that would depend on what someone would consider special or a talent. So I guess if someone were to ask a specific question I could pinpoint what they’re referring to as for now I wouldn’t be able to say that I do. I like to read, watch horror movies, listen to music, go to the gym, do yard work, or just get up and go drive to enjoy the day or country side. I don’t get out often. Here if I get out I like to get out of the city or go to other cities and see what they have to offer, restaurants, gallerias, etc.


Location: Austin, TX
Age: 45 years
Do you have children?: Yes, live with me full-time
Do you want more children?: No
Income: 100K+
Highest Education : Graduate
Occupation: IT Systems Security Analyst/Retired Military/Entrepreneur
Height (ft/in): 5′ 2″
Body Type: Curvy
Faith/Religion: Christian
Do you smoke?: No
Do you drink?: Yes, socially


Dating History

Why do you think you are single? I’m single because I wanted time to heal, work on me, and begin getting back to a place where I could trust others. I’ve been waiting for someone who’s still looking for that special one and not the easy one. I’m single because in the last 2 yrs I’ve gone on 3 dates and they each had financial issues to where they weren’t able to travel. I tend not to look at income, I just want someone who can meet me half way. So until I do I’ll hold on to my faith that there are still men out there that are looking for one loyal and loving partner.

What is your favorite physical attribute on a woman/man? The way he takes care of himself, I want someone who I can enjoy working out with, traveling with, and enjoying the small things such as walks, bicycling, and just being active in life.

What are some “deal-breakers” qualities in a man/woman? Deal breakers for me is no belief in God, smoking, not taking care of his children, no respect for his parents, I believe everyone has a past so I can’t judge anyone on theirs. Physical abuse, degrading words to demean others, and selfishness, confidence that’s hidden by arrogance!


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