Men Please Stop Doing This!

We recently posted an inquiry in our Black SingleS Chat Facebook Group asking the ladies what should dating men stop doing. Well here are some of the responses. Enjoy!


Telika McCoy – Stop denying yourself love and support. You don’t have to be ‘The Hulk’ all the time. When you find her, accept you deserve her. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

Casheika Moses – Lying.. Just be honest. The right woman will accept your flaws & all, but when you lie , you just make yourself look foolish.

Amecha De’Sha – I just need you to stop comparing or generalizing me with other women whom you had unfavorable experiences with. Stop allowing other peoples opinion i.e your friends stop you from talking to someone who is not your physical type.

Monique Love – Stop being inconsistent, being chronic texters, try to truly get to know who that woman is you’re interested in by having open communication. Stop expecting the woman to pursue you and be the aggressor and go after what you want and don’t be ashamed to let her know. Stop lying just to kick it or tell the lady what you think she wants to hear. Try being open and honest with her about what you really want from a relationship and give her the respect and the right to choose if she wants the same thing.

Malinda Miller Hollingsworth – Stop being jealous of women and learn to celebrate them and encourage them .stop trying to tear them down.

Robyn Rich – Thinking women can’t take your truth and taking our choices away. Whether you’re looking for long term forever love, or you just want that phyical, one night thing – be honest and let us make our own decision on how to proceed. I will always respect truth.

Robin Willia – Ghosting: Men, please be communicative. If you’re no longer interested in talking to, dating, or being with someone, just be upfront, honest, and clear about your intentions. Nothing shows one’s cowardliness more than ghosting. Either she’ll accept it or not, but you’ve done your part by communicating your feelings. Communication is key.

EM Batts – Stop making us pay for the last chick that hurt you! Take a minute to heal.

Alecia Brown – Thinking you are the prize and somebody supposed to court you.

Ty Burrell – Saying “Send me a pic”, and when you get one, you reply back “a full body or sexy pic.”

Talya Straughter – Stop going in my DM with hey pretty, baby or beautiful. I don’t know you and I have a name that’s actually my government name that I use. Try approaching me with my name.

Bree Wilson – If your work schedule doesn’t allow you time to date… Don’t!

Debbie Kemp – Please stop growing long beards.

Abenna Gittens – Stop asking “wyd”.

Shonda Irby – Stop with the sexual innuendos when I don’t know you like that. It’s immature…

Shana Kerns – Stop putting us all in one bracket, yes we are independent, yes we are successful in our careers. But some women do want a king in her life.

Regina Ramsey – Please do not refer to ANY women as females. This word has so many negative undertones. I am a woman. I am a lady. Even better, avoid generalizing us. We are all individuals.

Amy Stewart – Look past the booty!!! Want us for our brains our emotions our personalities…. which means you actually have to spend time getting to know us!!!

Crystal Joshua – Saying ladies are too picky or bitter because they have standards and or have learned lessons from the past. Admit that they are “picky” too.

Catherine Ardis – Stop expecting the woman to pay on a date you ask her out on.

Brenda J. Nays – I know Men are visual creatures, but when you are 5’9 and weigh 350 and I’m 5’7 at 185, I’m good brother…

Marisa Readus – Sending your weewee to her in a pic is not sexy and it’s meaningless if we don’t know anything about you. We’ve all seen a penis before and usually bigger than the one you sent.

Desiree M Williams – stop thinking women are supposed to chase you.

Annette Shillingford – Don’t communicate with me only during business hours in the week then go ghost at night and on weekends. You know what this signifies, right?

Emerald K. Perard – Learn how to date. Be creative. Every date doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

Aisha Carpenter – Be honest!! If you just want sex… say that!! Don’t act like you want a relationship just to get the sex.

Tanya Mmarie – Put your representative away and allow a woman to fall for the man you really are OR not.

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