Catching Feelings…

I was always told by my grandfather to find a man that loved me more so I would always have a true love surrounding me. As I listen to my single friends, and their horror stories of the current dating scene, I am starting to wonder if it is even possible to find true love anymore.

Growing up, I believed my grandfather wholeheartedly but experience has since taught me that he was wrong. If you cannot love someone the way they love you, then why even pursue the relationship?

I think it is unfortunate that we have all been programmed to have unrealistic expectations about love, dating and marriage. Fairy tales don’t exist and unfortunately, when that fact is realized, people tend to become jaded.

Nowadays, it is all about hooking up, playing games and no matter how intimate the relationship, everything is simply a friendship. God forbid anyone “catches feelings” as is the common saying. I believe it is impossible for one person or the other not to “catch feelings”. Intimacy brings a bond whether it is desired or not. That is really what it was meant for, to bring two people closer and take their relationship to another level.

Personally, I think this mentality is ridiculous. The purpose of a relationship is to allow yourself to be open to the possibility of “catching feelings”. Falling in love is a beautiful ride full of unexpected twists and turns. I feel sorry for those that may never experience this wonderful gift from God because they are too afraid of being hurt or have been mistreated by some idiot that wasn’t worth their time in the first place.

Passion, romance, love and intimacy are fulfilling. The butterflies of anticipation when you find that special someone is worth a hundred disappointments. Call me a hopeless romantic in my older age, but I still believe in everlasting love.  God heals all and if we love ourselves more, pray more and take the time to get to know one another without jumping straight to sex, our world would be so less jaded.

The emptiness in the world is because this current generation has lost their perseverance. Love takes time.  Love is not perfect.  Love is work, a lot of work and you must work hard to overcome the obstacles of building a true relationship.  As hard as you think it is, you end up wishing it were that easy. But it is worth it and should be something to aspire to in life. So leave yourself open to the possibility of an all consuming love. Choose wisely when you are dating and forgive yourself any mistakes you may make in your journey to find that wonderful emotion called love. Even if it takes you a hundred times, never give up and allow yourself to become bitter. Just press reset, evaluate what went wrong and start over.  And for goodness sake, if you find someone good to you, don’t let them go. I know they are not as exciting as the bad boys and hot chicks, but that excitement fades fast and at the end of the day, all you really want is for someone to hold you down and have your back no matter what.

Maybe I am a fool but I would rather be a fool that leaves myself open to new experiences than a fool that believes it is cool to try not to “catch feelings”.

Until next time, stay true to yourself and love yourself first!

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