HELP! My Man Will Not Stop Playing Games.

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Ladies, let’s face it – having a boyfriend who is an avid video gamer can be very annoying. In a way you feel like he’s cheating on you, but with a video game! In my own personal experience, my boyfriend would come home from work around 6 pm and remain glued to his X-BOX until 10 pm. Only after this time did he want to communicate with me, and at this point I was tired, irritated, and not in the mood to socialize. This led to countless arguments and jealousy – towards an X-BOX. So here are a few tips that helped me with dating a gamer:

1. Compromise. It can be very unreasonable to think that your man is going to stop playing his games altogether because you are now dating. Instead of lashing out at him because he is playing the game, insist that he only plays two or three rounds of the game instead of numerous rounds. After all, he probably had a stressful day at work and may be playing video games as a simple stress reliever. Compromising with him on how many rounds he plays ensures that he will get his time with his game and you will get the attention that you want.

2. Try It Out. Yes, you read that correctly. Give it a try. Part of the reason you are mad with him about playing the video game is because you are not included. You feel as though you cannot communicate with him while he is playing the game and even worse – you don’t want to. So join him. Get him to teach you how to play one of his favorite games. This will bring you closer because not only are you doing something that he likes for a change, now he is letting you into his world. You may even end up liking the game for yourself. Plus, it would be pretty awesome if you were to beat him at his own game. Am I right?

3. Find Your Own Niche. Maybe the fact you dislike his gamming is due to the fact that you are not doing what you like to do. So, while he is at home playing the video game go out and do what you love to do (i.e., shopping, getting your nails done, yoga, girl’s night out, etc.). Do not let the fact that he is playing a video game be the excuse for your unhappiness. There is more to life than work, eat, sleep and repeat. If he would rather play the game all night, let him! He is the one missing out. Go out and enjoy a night with your girls that you may not have seen in a couple weeks.

Try out these tips the next time you find your man is being overly friendly with his game system.  Also, women did you relate to this post? What has been your experience? Men, do you experience this from women?

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