What To Know When Dating a Single Woman with Kids

For the men out there who have yet to, or have gone by it all wrong, here are five things you must know when choosing to date a woman with kids.


1. Are You Ready for Commitment?

Women with children are not dating just for the fun of it, they have an agenda. From the first date, you need to know that you are actually in a place to have a real relationship. A woman with children is looking for a partner, not a buddy. Leave the games at the door. If you are not serious and not ready to settle down, don’t persue her.


2. Are You Ready to Be a Step-Father?

When dating a woman with children the end game is becoming a father. Know that she is a package deal. You can’t have all of her without accepting her kids. Can you see yourself being the disciplinary? Do you get along with her kids? These are questions you must be ready to answer from the start.


3. Understand Her Responsibilities

A woman with kids has limited-time and you will not be a priority. If you can’t contend with the fact she has other things going on that takes precedence over you then keep it moving. In the beginning she is not going away with you on weekends nor is she staying out with you all night.


4. The Little Things Matter

Yes, she would appreciate you helping with groceries, paying a bill here and there. But believe it or not, the little things count just as much. Massages, feet rubs etc, are all things that will put a smile on her face.


5. She Does Not Need You

She was doing just fine before she met you, and she will continue if you are not in the picture. Understand you are a compliment to her life, not a necessity.


Dating a woman with kids may seem like a daunting task but it can be the most rewarding. Most women with children are focused, dedicated, mature and nurturing. She doesn’t play the dating games and she knows what she wants out of life. If you are ready to find a woman to ascend to the next level with, a woman with children may be your best option.


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