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Why are my photos not being accepted or unable to upload?

Our system requires photos to be 1MB or smaller for uploading. Please make sure your photos are at the acceptable file size before trying to upload them to our app. If your photo has been denied and rejected after, please make sure you adhere to our policy on members photo. To ensure your photo(s) are accepted, make sure they are clear (no hats, sunglasses, too distant), clean (no nudity, sexually explicit, graphic) and concise (alone, headshots, etc.).

Why does it cost money for this app when others are free?

We are not just an app, we are a movement comprised of a team of passionate and dedicated people with a common mission. We understand that some other apps may be free-of-charge but this is because they appeal to “everyone” and can offer advertising to third-party companies. Dating sites/apps generate company revenue either by allowing advertising or subscription fees. We choose not to bombard you with ads to support the RBL movement. A subscription based app we felt was the best option going forward.

Our overall goal is to make sure that each and every last one of our members have the chance at something real. We extend to standard members the ability to send (1) one FREE message every 48 hours, unlimited winks and the ability to upload 5 photos. We make it very inexpensive to upgrade your account to unlimited messaging, unlimited winks and the ability to upload up to 25 photos.

How can I delete my account?

You can deactivate your account in (Change Settings) from the menu section of the app once your account has been approved.

Why do I have to wait to be accepted?

We know how annoying it is to join a dating app or website only to be contacted by spam, fake and scam accounts. We know you are only here to communicate and meet real people. So to ensure the legitimacy of new members we manually approve all new accounts. Yes, it is a lot of work but you are worth it.

How do I stop a member from emailing me?

You can simply block a member if you wish for the member not to be able to view your profile or communicate with you. If you have already been in communication with a member, at any point of a conversation you can press (End Convo) and the email will disappear from a recipient’s inbox like the conversation never happened. Once you have ended a convo with a member, they will not be able to email you again unless you initiate a new conversation.

It seems as if I have connection problems, are my messages and winks going through?

We have optimized RBL to work on the fastest connections. If your device has connection issues or your cellular/WIFI network is not the fastest you may see, “Unable to connect to server…”.  Disregard these popups. Your messages and winks are indeed being sent.