True Life: My Heart is Broken


No one wants to admit this. They just wake up everyday and check their social media, text their friends and go through the motions of obligation. Sometimes you smile and it’s real, sometimes you laugh and it’s real but under all of that. Sitting at the foundation of every action you’re pushing through your heart is in pieces at the bottom of your stomach. It’s separated from your chest and it just circulates in mini pieces that resemble chia seeds inside your body until it’s pieced back together again.A broken heart doesn’t make you dysfunctional or incapable, it doesn’t make you catatonic or pitiful it just makes you broken. It doesn’t make you desperate, unworthy or forgotten it just means you’re disconnected. The worst thing about having a broken heart is not possessing your full light. My smile hasn’t reached my eyes in sometime, I haven’t hit that level of hibernation sleep in months, just not able to sleep as hard I use to in bed alone, cooking is cool but I don’t scour Pinterest for exciting soulful recipes anymore. Only healthy meal prepping ones. Going on vacation means it’s only two and not three of us and dinner and a movie means me on a date instead of family time. Everything is divided instead of united. Your daily routine switches from you checking in with someone multiple times to you just saying your checklist out loud in the car. Lol, it’s crazy how dependent you became without realizing it.

The smallest things will make you remember pre-heartbreak. How to get over it, it’s a process. I read an article once that said it takes almost two years to fully get over someone. I don’t know if that’s true but the healing process is a tedious one and mending a heart is never easy. Here is five ways to make your transition a little easier. Please note this is not a full proof method. It’s just small steps to begin climbing out of that valley that is heart break. Just remember you can cry and you can sing “Lemonade” and quote “Views” all you want (low key that’s me). We all purge differently.

1. Is it over?- Is this break up real? Are you guys really separating for good or are you just really upset? Figure this out first. It takes an honest conversation. Especially if you’re one of those back and forth couples.

2. Social Media- if you can’t take their Social Media life without them being obligated to you, delete, deactivate, don’t follow him/her, don’t stalk them. It will make you miserable. You will be reading comments, going to people pages, putting pieces together to a puzzle that is none of your business.

3. Get over it- Same way people were lined up to talk to you most likely he had the same. So just know that. Don’t take it too personal. The reality is their single…and so are you. Single people can do what they want. (My stomach just Milly Rocked) There is nothing worse than seeing someone you love deeply begin to move on. If you believe in the break up let them be. Especially if you gave an ultimatum and it backfired. Know that God got this.

4. Be in your feelings by yourself- you was in love, we get it. Texting soliloquies, monologues, sharing memories, dedicating songs on the radio all of that is something you need to discern about before putting into action. Feeling will have you frustrated, fickle and fighting back tears. (Lemonade and Views)

5. Step by Step and Day by Day. One foot in front of the other. Ease on down the road of redemption, repair, rejuvenation, refills, renewals and whatever else means get your self together. Start running, reading, swimming and get involved anything to distract you from your Beatless heart. Broken hearts are common and the last thing you want to do is come to someone in a million pieces. So be honest with yourself, be honest in your actions and work on getting your smile back. Workout, eat healthy, travel and pick up new habits. Positive Vibes only your body is going through a healing process. Don’t be broken be better!

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