The Power of Women.

Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs this motha? Girls! Who runs the world? Girls!-Beyoncé

When my wife start to sing Beyoncé’s song I would say, “Here we go again, another man hating song!” Then after catching my ear, I begin to realize that there is a lot of truth to the song. While I may not agree with all her songs, Run the World is one of the ones I totally agree with.

I have come to know that even though that in this society, men are portrayed as having the most powerful positions. In the last couple of decades women have become just as powerful. Coming up I was taught to always make sure I stayed groomed to impress the ladies. There are things that men do to gain the attention of a lady. We try for the best jobs that way we can buy the best clothes, cars to achieve a sense of status in order to gain the attention of the right woman. Men have gone out of their way for centuries to make sure they not only grabbed the attention of a woman but kept it.

Women are very powerful beings. It is amazing that they can go to work, take care of children, cook, clean, make sure their man feels like a king, and that is all in one day! I have learned that women despite being able to hold so much down, still need to feel valued, treasured, and worthy of the title that she holds.

The strong women in my life have lead me to the conclusion that women actually do run the world. My mother was a woman who worked several jobs and never missed a beat when it came to my siblings and I. She made sure I had all my needs and sometimes my wants even though she had to work her fingers to the bone for it. As an adult, I now see all the tasks that my wife has to juggle on a daily basis. I know for a fact if it were me, I may not get it all done. It is amazing to see how much she does all in 24 hours.

This piece is a testament to the power of women. Ladies, when choosing your mate and life partner, you should expect nothing less than the a man to coincide with your power. Remember you Run the World and James Brown said it best…”It’s man’s world, but it wouldn’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl.”

Pray, Love, and most importantly…live

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