Put Some RespecK On Your Relationship!

What are the key ingredients to a healthy romantic relationship? I usually start with this question when couples come to me for relationship coaching. Asking this question allows me to understand the principles and values that the relationship is built on. This question also allows me to pinpoint exactly how I can help couples get past rough patches because no relationship is perfect. The top five responses I often hear are communication, trust, stability, sexual chemistry, and respect. Let’s take a moment to discuss the last one in detail because this word has dominated social media as of late with Cash Money Records CEO Birdman’s recent comments on the Breakfast Club Radio Show. His exact words were, “Put some RESPECK on my name!” If you watched the interview you’d more than likely agree that there wasn’t much to see because the interview didn’t last five minutes much like many relationships that lack this key ingredient. Here are three tips to help you add respect to the top of your list when it comes to values in your relationship.

Establish Boundaries

Take time to establish personal boundaries early in your relationship to minimize misunderstandings. You should reach a point in the relationship where you know exactly how to push the other person’s buttons and please be careful with knowledge. Here’s an example: Let’s say you keep receiving feedback about being too flirtatious. The two of you just sat down at a fancy restaurant and begin looking over the menu. A nice looking server comes up to the table and your mate gasps in amazement, then insist on asking the server personal questions and giving compliment after compliment. Now, let’s keep it real, a line has definitely been crossed here and now the server is probably just as uncomfortable as you! I used the flirting example, however I could’ve given you a thousand examples because boundaries are so important yet overlooked. Take the time to establish boundaries early in the relationship about what ticks you off.

Establish the Brand

Does the person you’re with help or hurt your brand? Looks can have a major impact on a couples brand; however, it’s all about swag and compatibility. I’ve witnessed some not so good looking guys end up with the most beautiful women because it’s all about how the two people enhance one another. Your significant other should not only match your fly, they should mirror you in intellect and ability! I love seeing power couples that grind together like Jay & Bey or Michelle & Barack! When you establish a relationship brand, people can’t help but respect your relationship and they’ll buy whatever the both of you are selling (figuratively speaking…or literally… if you have a business).

Stop Telling Your Business

This one is pretty self-explanatory, so in classic Birdman fashion… “We finish or we done!?” Sorry, I had to squeeze that line in because it was epic! In order to have a healthy romantic relationship, it’s important that you never down-talk or bash your mate to others! This means, no more spilling the tea about your relationship with family and friends. Each time you mention your significant other to someone else, it should be words of love, honor, and encouragement.

Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll view respect as one of the key ingredients to having a healthy romantic relationship. Always remember…Put some RESPECK on it! Peace & Love!


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