Reasons to Join RealBlackLove

Real Black Love Dating Couple
There are many reasons singles choose to us. Here are a few.


Most black dating apps are come one, come all, and it can be a task trying to figure out the agenda of people you may encounter. On RealBlackLove you can be assured that you are surrounded by like-minded people looking to make substantial connections. Our members are a smart, driven and goal-oriented singles that do not have time for the games that are sometimes associated with dating. They deserve something real.


There is nothing more intrusive than to be billed for a service with without prior notice. First thing our team decided not to conform to is the billing statement surprise. We will never re-bill your credit/debit card upon the expiration of your subscription. You will only be billed for the subscription period you directly purchased.


Don’t you just hate getting messages from all the wrong people when you join a dating app or website? We introduce to you My Match, a personal privacy system that allows for a member to be selective in choosing potential suitors.


Most spammers are relentless and we have protocols in place to ensure they do not become apart of our dating app. Prospective members are screened by location and checked against spam databases prior to being extended a membership. We do our best to make sure that while you are a member of RealBlackLove you don’t have to worry about spam or unwanted messages in your inbox.


Everyone wants to stand out and your profile on RealBlackLove is your chance to make the best first impression. Your profile informs prospective matches on the site why you are such a great catch. You want to reveal as much about yourself as possible while upholding safety precautions. Think of your profile as an autobiography. Have fun!


If you’re a bit shy when it comes to telling that potential special someone how you feel, then we’re here to help get the ball rolling. Our advanced wink system will give you the ability to let others know you’re interested without saying much.

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