Do’s and Don’ts if you are Single for the Holidays

The holiday season is prime time for dating. Dating app memberships surge between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, as millions of hopeful romantics search for someone new. As you reflect upon how to approach dating this holiday season, it’s important to go about things the best way that makes you feel comfortable. To help you out, I have put together some DO’s and DON’TS.

Holiday Do’s

Do remember that as a single, you have the same needs and rights to enjoy this holiday season as anyone else. So if you want to decorate your home or apartment, do it up! How you choose to spend the holidays is your personal choice, not that of those around you. Before being cajoled by friends and family members to attend this event or that party, ask yourself if that is really what you want to do. Will it make you feel more lonely and/or depressed? Will it bring others AND you some measure of joy?

As a single person, set level expectations for the holidays. Have fun in the way you see fit, but don’t allow the world to pressure you into unrealistic expectations of what the holiday time should bring. If things don’t go that way, there will be less disappointment.

Make these holidays a time of service to others instead of focusing on your own needs and wants as a single person. Doing things, such as feeding the poor or visiting the sick, will help you put the holidays into their proper perspective and help your spirits to soar! I guarantee it.

If you are not on the RBL App, join and make new friends. If you’re not part of any groups that are throwing functions around the holidays, why not throw a home holiday party for other single friends you know.

Keeping yourself busy around great people is the best cure for being single during the holidays. Also, the new year is upon you! New year, new you, right? Release your inhibitions, take charge of your life and get out there and make things happen. Embrace the new year with a positive vigor.


Holiday Don’ts 

Avoid drinking too much alcohol to cope with holiday stress or loneliness because this tends to make one depressed and make poor decisions. Also, do not bring anyone new over to meet the family. I understand your brother/sister/cousin/whomever will be there with his/her significant other, but there is no need to compete. There is nothing wrong with going alone. You don’t want a relative stranger knowing this much about your life, and you especially don’t want your family to give you the side-eye because it is the third year in a row they have seen a new person.

Don’t spend all your holiday time with family members and other couples, but share the time to be with your single friends as well. This will help you keep a more positive perspective while enjoying everyone’s company.

It’s okay to get out and mingle, but as singles, we tend to overbook ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Make sure you don’t do this this holiday season. Give yourself plenty of down time to relax, rest, and rejuvenate for the new year. Fatigue can lead to negative thought patterns.

Overall, however you choose to celebrate holidays, remember to be safe.

Happy Holidays and Happy Dating!

P.S. make sure you share this with your single friend(s).

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