Maceo Yusef and Jacquelyn Foster

Maceo Yusef and Jacquelyn FosterReal Black Love Stories Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials Joseph Dixon, thanks for allowing me to become a member and participate in one of the most awesome and exciting around RealBlackLove. I credit RBL in allowing me to come across a woman who has truly won my heart over. Our chemistry and connection is unexplainable. We have agreed to become exclusive! Again thank you my brother. Dedric & Teri Hello Joseph just want to let you know that I have met an awesome woman through RBL. At times I’ve tried many different avenues and RBL just happened to have the woman for me so now I can happily say I now have a fiancé! I am looking forward to a new life with my forever wife, so once again thank you and keep up the work you put into RBL. LaTodd Taylor Hello RBL! I Just wanted to take time out today to say thanks for allowing my soul mate to come into my life. Never in a million years would I have expected to meet someone so beautiful, loving, caring, smart and genuine as this young lady that’s pictured here with me. Today I can clearly say my prayers have been answered. I pray that God continue to grow this relationship to its highest potential. So to all once again I say thanks and may your search for that special person one day be fulfilled. God bless!!! Lorenzo Lawrence and Deborah Lewis My Testimony….after being single for over 3 years, love for me didn’t seem to be in the horizon.. Granted 2017 took a turn for the better. I️ became a member of RBL, and soon found, that “Black Love” still exist. I’ve now found my “Soul Mate”. While I️ currently reside in Dallas, and he’s in Arkansas we’ve agreed not to let distance deter our relationship. For those who are still waiting, I️ can truly tell you patience is virtue! Anishea Jones Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials Joseph I just wanted to let you know that I met a beautiful lady on RBL and we’ve been talking for about three weeks now. It’s looking very promising and we are actually committed to dating exclusively now. Thank you. David Magee I met Demetra on RBL and we have been inseparable ever since. I have found my UNICORN. Rodrigius Ransom I sent her a message on RealBlackLove app just saying hello and to tell her that I thought her smile was beautiful. I didn’t even think she was going to respond. She later confided in me that she wondered why I kept looking at her pic on the app, but wouldn’t say anything. After talking and texting we met Downtown Chicago for an informal dinner and drinks to confirm the energy via Phone. Of the 30 days since connecting we have spent about 24 of them together and have discovered many similarities and common ideologies and goals. We truly enjoy each others company and communicate openly about all things. What did make us decide to become exclusive? To many coincidences to be called coincidences. She asked, “If We were really doing this” I replied…”Till the wheels fall off”. Two weeks ago she went to church and brunch with me and met the 3 women whom I call my 3 pillars.. Mom, Grandmother and Aunt… They just love her.