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Mid 30s, 6’ 3”, New York City, Actor

Chiseled and debonair, athletic, focused, artsy gentleman. Seeks an ambitious, active and attractive woman with a good moral compass to grow and enjoy life’s journey with. Distance is not an issue, but bachelorette has to be open to relocating. Meet Me


Early 30s, 6’ 2”, Atlanta GA, Pro Athlete.

Attractive, loves outdoors: fishing, hunting, beaches, and hiking mountains. Seeks an intelligent, eclectic, well-rounded woman that can go from high-society dinner dates to hiking trails in the forest. Meet Me


33, 5’ 2”, Dallas, Dentist.

Handsome, well-rounded, eclectic, loves to read and loves all things arts. Seeks fun, down to earth, loves arts and travel. That looks to have big family. Meet Me


29, 5’ 8”, Atlanta, Physician.

Beautiful, business-minded, great sense of humor, supportive, family focused. Seeks professional, well-groomed, handsome Christian man. Meet Me


41, 5’ 4”, New York City, Entreprenuer.

Very career minded with a great sense of humor. Seeks a down-to-earth man that loves the night life and cherishes QT time. Meet Me


39, 5’ 8”, Los Angeles, Actress.

Gorgeous, fun-spirited, family oriented, supportive, family focused. Seeks easy-going man that can live a little more care free. Meet Me


27, 6’ 0”, Charlotte, Real Estate Broker.

Super intelligent with a pinch of nerdy. Loves almost every sport and plays a couple in free time (college athlete), Seeks a tall, business professional man.  Meet Me


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Tasha R.

New Member 

That I'm a tomboy, most people see me in church or work, unless they're close to me they will always see me dressed for work...


Markesha M.

New Member 

I am a country girl . I have a tattoo and I love to fish. I am a perfectionist in recovery. Very outgoing, open-minded, outspoken,...

 South Carolina

Nicole L.

New Member 

One of my old nicknames was "Lil Tyson" as in the boxer. My personality is exciting. You don't always know what you are going to...

 New Jersey

Nicole G.

New Member 

I can be shy when I initially meet people and I feel awkward in large groups. Introverted, sincere, genuine, caring, open minded, funny, loving, hard-working...

 North Carolina

LaNee J.

New Member 

I'm very laid back, a lot o fun, I don't take myself to seriously, and I'm not too much to deal with it! lol. The...


Kirby W.

New Member 

Positive, independent and god-fearing. I can be a little uptight at times if things are not going as expected. I am a Cancer, so I...

 North Carolina

Demecos C.

New Member 

I'm a really chill, laid back, inquisitive, inappropriately funny, helpful and cool dude to get to know.I'm an avid learner (understated) I have a quench...


Deandre C.

New Member 

I am one of the most resilient, resourceful people you will ever meet. If something doesn't work out the way I planned, I will find...

 Washington D.C

Ayana J.

New Member 

I'm a workaholic, which is why I don't go out much. As an actor, I'm always looking for the next job, studying a script, or...

 North Carolina