What My Mother Taught Me About Dating and Relationships.

So my (Question of the Day) today on Facebook was “What is something your mother said or taught you about dating and relationships”.  The answers were so good I thought I share them with the world.

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Tandra Campbell’s mother: “Be yourself from the beginning!”

Kenisha Nowlin’s mother: “Know your worth.”

Joseph Dixon’s mother: “Life is too short to be unhappy.”

Shae “Middleclassmatchmaker” Primus’s mother: “Never tell your girlfriends how good your man is to you!”

Eddie D. Love’s mother: “What a person has on the Inside is what really matters not the Outside.”

Shae Apree’s mother: “Trust your women intuition it is never wrong.”

Author Mario D. King’s mother: “Simply, “Be Careful!”

Clinton Douglas’s mother “In your relationships, always respect each other.”

Davon L. Davis’s mother: “If your money is ‘funny’, you’re not ready for a ‘Hunnie’. She didn’t say it in those exact terms, but the principle was the same.”

Ariel Barnes’s mother: “When you truly know your worth, the relationships will reflect it.”

Annette Knuckle’s mother: ” Your spouse/partner/etc. sould be your best friend.”

Jessica Yarbrough’s mother: “Wait on God for the right person. Don’t get in a rush!”

Mae Vick’s mother: “Get to know him as a friend before you get serious.”

Yvonne Renee Davis’s mother: “My mother recently taught me to listen much more carefully about how the man talks about himself. Listen to his narrative; where it jibes with truth, separates, changes or sounds like a confusing mess.”

Dr. Lloyd E Gould Jr.’s mother:  “Know yourself before you try to know her!”

K. Denise Wilson’s mother: “Listen more than you speak and watch carefully how he treats his mother.”

Valetrice Davis’s mother: “To be strong and confident and love me first so I can love back.”

Voncelle Mull’s mother: “Wait on God’s best! Also, you do not have to submit to any man but, your husband!”

James A. Armstrong’s mother: “Marry someone for your later not for your now.”

Dee Dee Slaughter’s mother: “I can do bad by myself.”

Saamiya Iles’s mother: “We don’t need to understand everything about each other, as long as we get along we’ll be okay.”

Keisha Bolton Johnstone’s mother: “Allow the man to be a man.”

James Roberson’s mother: “Treat her like a lady. Don’t say anything to her that you wouldn’t say to your mother.”

Stephanie Bailey’s mother:  “You do what you want to do and make excuses for what you don’t want to do.”

Jessica Bright’s mother: “If you have a joint account…Always keep some money on the side…you never know what may happen.”

DarLinda Belton’s mother: “Don’t you ever let anyone put their hands on you!” and “Don’t no man want a dirty woman!”

Frances R. B. Veale’s mother: “Don’t rush, slow down and enjoy the moments”! #RIPMOM

Shana Madae’s mother: “If your man’s friend stops by to see him or is meeting him at the house, never let him wait inside if your man is not there yet.”

Tanya Dallas’s mother: “Love yourself first. You’ll always make the right decisions.”

Carlene Denise Jacks mother: “Not to be quick to cut and run at the first, second or third misunderstanding!”

MzSavvy Yolanda’s mother: “Only love a man who loves you back!”

Dwight Don Singleton Jr.’s mother: “My mother has always said, bring her to me I will tell you the real deal. And believe it or not, she was always right!”

Sonya Boler’s mother: “Take your time, be patient and wait. You will meet the right person.”

Charlie Washington’s mother: “Focus on you… Once you focus on you and get you together, you’ll be able to love a man the way he is supposed to be.”

KD Thomas’s mother: “My mother always told me to never compromise my morals, values, and beliefs for anyone… if he should be in your life, he will accept you as you are.”

Mary Elizabeth’s mother: “Don’t depend on a man because when you do they think they can run you.”

Esther McLaughlin’s mother:  “Don’t ever allow your friends to be your confidants, especially when she has a lot to tell you about your man, becuse of he is good for you he can be better for her.”

Gloria Brantley-Reed’s mother: “Don’t try and force a man to think and feel the way you do on certain issues.”

Brian Holmes mother: “Pray about it and give it a little time.”

Carla Cole’s mother: “If he only come around after dark,sumthn isn’t right.”

Anissa Marie’s mother: “Make him earn it baby. Don’t give it away. Allow a man to discover and find you and your jewel. If you give it all up too fast or too hasty it leaves the man feeling it was too easy. He won’t respect that.”