Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Black Love?

Real Black Love is an elite dating & matchmaking service, designed to help singles avoid the pitfalls of modern dating and achieve relationship success.

Our proven process saves you time and energy, protects your privacy and safety, and helps you date productively– with hand-selected matches, personalized date introductions, ongoing feedback, and more.

With over 200,000 black singles in our network, 10 years in business we’re thrilled to embark on finding real black love with you.

Does Real Black Love hand select matches for me?

Yes! Our matchmakers find out your relationship goals, match preferences and values to assess match potential. We apply the same rigorous research to potential suitors–  with background checks and live video interviews to gauge fit beyond a simple profile.

What are the benefits in working with Real Black Love?

Save Time & Energy
No more wasting time on swiping, messaging and planning.  Imagine having a team of compatibility specialists who pre-screen your matches and facilitate effortless introductions for you.

Meet Intentional Singles
We can ask the tough questions that are too awkward for first dates. Background checks and video interviews help us assess appearance, personality, and relationship intentions to forge better connections.

Find Confidence & Dating Success
Date feedback and follow-up from our dating professionals help you date more consciously, radiate confidence, and focus effectively on this important facet of your life.

What makes Real Black Love different from dating apps and other services?

Personalized Matchmaking.
Real Black Love really learns you to find out what type of person is the best for you.

Genuine Support.
You’re not in this journey by yourself. We work very hard to save your time and energy, protect your privacy and safety, and help you date productively.

Real People.
We combine certified matchmakers, dating experts, our major database with a proven process to help you achieve relationship success.

What should I expect on my Real Black Love journey?

You’ll embark on our time-tested relationship journey, guided by our matchmaking team.

The Real Black Love experience includes:

  • Private Matchmaking
  • In-depth consultations to learn your dating preferences
  • Match Screenings
  • Designed Date Introductions
  • Follow-up & Feedback Sessions
  • Enhanced Safety & Confidentiality Measures
What is the investment when working with Real Black Love to achieve my relationship goals?

Real Black Love offers services to meet your specific needs. We believe that every person is different; so in short we have something for everyone.

Where is services for Real Black Love available?

We only work with US residents and have clients all across the country.

What is the average age of a Real Black Love client?

The majority of our clients are between the ages of 32–55, though we have many clients outside of this range who also achieve match success.

How can I contact Real Black Love for additional questions?

Our team is available via email hello@realblacklove.com or by calling us at 800-511-0752  to answer any questions you may have.