Real Black Love Story Joseph Dixon Proposes to Tracy
Joseph Dixon CEO and founder of proposes during what Tracy thought would be a testimonial for RealBlackLove dating app.   View more about the Real Black Love story by clicking HERE  

Real Black Love Story - The Proposal

Real Black Love Dating App Couple has launched an App for Singles! Tired of all those other hook-up apps? Finally find what you deserve on the most trusted dating app today. App Links: Download | Success Stories | FAQ | Support Click HERE or icon above to download Apple app.   Click HERE or icon […]

The NEW RealBlackLove Dating App

black woman with kids and children
So I am talking to a client and she informed me that she is done with dating men without children. I asked her why and she stated that men without kids just don’t get it. After our conversation I thought about the first time I dated a woman with children. It definately […]

What To Know When Dating a Single Woman with Kids

Black Family Eating
Recently, I was watching one of Chris Rock’s classic stand-up shows, Bigger & Blacker. It never fails that every time I watch it there is one skit that cracks me up with no hesitation—the big piece of chicken. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you look it up; that’s […]

Who Gets the Big Piece of Chicken?

black man sad and depressed
In my 20’s, most emotional baggage references were geared toward women.  In my experience, the words man and baggage would rarely occupy the same sentence. Although naive then, I was intelligent enough to know that it was just a matter of semantics. However, I still formed my opinions regarding how relationship […]

Baggage Check: is he Carrying too Much?

There once was a girl who wanted to have it all. A great career, travel to distant lands and to find true love. On her quest to discover herself a long the way she encountered some unique experiences. She met someone whom ignited her inside, made her feel alive, and […]

The Side Chick That Refused to Cheat Herself

What Kind of Lover Are you
The perception of what love is shapes us into the lovers that we are. When you come into the understanding of yourself and know exactly what makes up your core, navigating future relationships become much more rewarding. Find the type of lover you are below and be honest with yourself in choosing. […]

What Kind of Lover Are You?

As we are approaching spring mode, closing in on the end of yet another winter, singles are ready to frolic about. Many attest that the city they live in hinders them from finding Mr. or Ms. Right. We have decided to conduct our own research to settle the case once and for all. […]

10 Worst Cities for Dating Black Singles.

thirsty and desperate black woman
During the winter months, living in solitude can get pretty lonely and women everywhere fall into the cycle of bad dates and broken hearts. However these are some tips to help relieve the tension and help them attract the mate they deserve. 1. Every one you talk to/date briefly you […]

Desperate & Thirsty: 10 ways women come off too needy ...

black woman mad
How many times have we as women sacrificed our happiness, health, and hearts, for the sake of clinging to a no-good relationship? Those sacrifices happen far more often than we would like to admit to ourselves, and in the end we end up hurt, broken, and more confused about what […]

You Need To Cut It: Quit Accepting Heartache

Ask A Real Man on Real Black Love
EPISODE 2   EPISODE 1 Submit Your Questions This is your chance to get the REAL answers that you desire about dating or your relationship. Got a question that you want the men to answer? Fill-out the form below so they can answer it on the next, “Ask A Real […]


real black love black married couple
It’s that time of year again when thousands of women say yes to the bling and wedding invitations appear in the mailbox with your choice of chicken or fish. Your Facebook timeline is polluted with cheesy engagement photos and epic proposals; one outdoing the other. All of a sudden you’re […]

Married Women Be Kind To Your Single Friends.

I’m sure many of you have heard the old saying, don’t let a television raise your child. As a parent this was the ultimate slap in the face (if you were ever accused of it). Basically, you were being defined as a parent who was unfit, neglectful and unreliable. These […]

Your Relationship will Not be Televised!

As it relates to causes of divorce, breakups, and relationship problems, it doesn’t take an expert to understand that infidelity ranks atop the list. Having been a man my entire life, I can only offer perspective on why men cheat, however, females are cheaters too! There are many triggers that […]

3 Reasons Men Cheat

Jennifer Hurdle and Donte Hurdle Couple of the Month Real Black Love
Let’s congratulate Donte Hurdle and Jennifer Hurdle for qualifying for the $1,000 Grandprize as June’s 2016 #CoupleOfTheMonth on   Married and reside in Greensboro, NC. Together Seven Years What we do: Jennifer works at the Department of Health and Human Services in Greensboro and Donte works at Labcorp. Meeting: We first officially […]

Couple of the Month (June 2016)

Black Power Couple Relationship
What are the key ingredients to a healthy romantic relationship? I usually start with this question when couples come to me for relationship coaching. Asking this question allows me to understand the principles and values that the relationship is built on. This question also allows me to pinpoint exactly how […]

Put Some RespecK On Your Relationship!

african american wedding
The beauty of marriage: the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship, the date women circle on their calendars with a huge red heart, the day some men dread as young boys, then there’s the one element that many of us […]

I Married You, Not Your Mother!

When you’re in a relationship with someone amazing it can begin to feel very magical. It’s as though time stops and the world is now orbiting around the both of you—instead of the sun. Although, often times we rush the dating process which might cause problems in the relationship later […]

Stop Rushing Me!

black mother quotes
So my (Question of the Day) today on Facebook was “What is something your mother said or taught you about dating and relationships”.  The answers were so good I thought I share them with the world. You can find the original post and comments on facebook HERE.   Tandra Campbell’s […]

What My Mother Taught Me About Dating and Relationships.

Robert Reid and Janet Parker Couple of the Month
Let’s congratulate Robert Reid Jr. and Janet Parker for qualifying for the $1,000 Grandprize as May’s 2016 #CoupleOfTheMonth on   Reside in Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC Together Two Years   What we do: Robert is a traveling Registered Nurse and Clinical Informaticist. Janet is a news anchor for the Fox […]

Couple of the Month (May 2016)

self love and relationships
Most of us don’t learn the lesson of self-love until we have either 1) been severely heart-broken or 2) been single for a very long time.  But regardless to how you encounter the lesson, it’s important to know how your next relationship can benefit from your new found wisdom. Now […]

5 Ways Self-Love Helps Relationships!

Black Woman dating on the web
My heart is heavy hearing about a young lady who lost her life with an encounter with allegedly an online dating incident. I did online dating for several years prior to getting married and I want to share some strategies I used to keep myself safe: 1. I always took a […]

Don’t Be the Next Online Dating Victim.

real black love jay z and beyonce
With the phenomenon that is Beyoncé and the release of her new audio visual album “Lemonade”, I think that it was only appropriate that I explain the many chapters of pain/lemons that we can tolerate. What a lot of our parents neglected to tell us was that all relationships have their taste of […]

Beyonce’ Gave you the Best Lemonade. Drink It!

Black man proposing
No one ever anticipates being in a relationship for years waiting on a proposal, but sometimes it just happens. Typically women are the “waiters” in the relationships, right?  Especially because cultural and religious customs advise women to wait on a man to seek his wife.  So we, women, ultimately wait […]

How Long Should I Wait For Him to Propose?

Are first impressions the best Impressions when it comes to dating? When I think back to my bachelor days, first dates usually offered the worst representations of who I was as a person. For some reason, I would always end up at a restaurant struggling to find things to discuss […]

5 Rules to First Dinner Dates

“I’m done,” “I’m over them”, “I’m moving on” and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Yes how many times have you heard someone trying so hard to convince you (or more like themselves) that they are over their EX yet you know they really aren’t. So many times we say we […]

4 Ways To Know You Aren’t Really Over Your EX! ...

sad black man in relationship
All of us at some point in our lives have had that one dream. I’m not speaking about dreams of lust or nightmares; I’m speaking of that dream in terms of our desire to possibly do something—do something special. I’m speaking of that dream that haunts you both night and […]

My Woman Doesn’t Support My Dream

social media relationship curse
Is your partner asking you why are you not posting their picture on your Instagram, or wondering why he/she has not yet been your #MCM or #WCW? Are your weary about posting him/her on your social media accounts? Do you feel obligated to validate your partner or spouse by posting […]

The Social Media Curse on Relationships.

dating a gamer
Ladies, let’s face it – having a boyfriend who is an avid video gamer can be very annoying. In a way you feel like he’s cheating on you, but with a video game! In my own personal experience, my boyfriend would come home from work around 6 pm and remain […]

HELP! My Man Will Not Stop Playing Games.

Couple of the Month Real Black Love
MEET THE NOMINEES FOR JULY 2016 You can vote for your favorite couple once every 24 hours. Please cast your vote at the bottom of this page. Voting ends June 30, 2016 Marvin Hilton and Monika Hilton City, State: Stone Mountain, GA Relationship status:  Married Together how long:  We have been […]

Couple Of The Month Voting Couple of the Month (April 2016)
Let’s congratulate Stanford and Shekina Farr Moore for qualifying for the $1,000 grandprize as April’s 2016 #CoupleOfTheMonth on Reside in Atlanta, GA Married – 19 years together | 15 years married   FIRST DATE We went out dancing on our first date–we were impressed with each other for loving […]

Couple of the Month (April 2016)

Bonzai Your Relationship
I was sitting in my office one day thinking about my orchid. I had been given my orchid almost 5 years ago by my supervisor as a gift. As I sit there and stare at the beautiful orchid, I began to think about how much love and care people give […]

Bonsai Your Relationship

Black Couple in Relationship Arguing
If you’re anything like me, you’ve thought of changing a thing or two about your partner that would make them the perfect mate.  But before you make the request for them to change, you ask yourself “He/She should be willing to change for me right?”  The answer is usually, “If they love […]

My mate should change for me…Right?

better black relationship
Whether embarking on a new relationship or diving deeper into your current relationship, it is very important that communication stay open and demystified. If you are new lovers, delve into some hard conversations in the beginning of the relationship and truly discover if you and your lover are compatible and […]

10 Things to Talk About For A Better Relationship

LADIES: Have you ever said “yes” you would marry a man, just because he asked?  Even though you knew he was NOT “the one”… I know I can’t be the only person who has been asked to marry a man that I knew I wasn’t ready to marry. Not only […]

Just because he ask you, does not mean you say ...

black man dating white woman black man does not date black women
For the past week I’ve been deep in thought about how I was going to construct this article. I usually like to find different forms of artistic expression to get my creative juices flowing. So I began to think about some of the movies I’ve seen that has addressed the […]

Brotha Says He Will Not Date Black Women?