About Joseph Dixon

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Joseph is a proud father, businessman and philanthropist dedicated to helping African American men and women find meaningful connections. Raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Joseph obtained a B.A in Sociology and Computer Science in North Carolina.

Joseph is the founder of RealBlackLove, the premier dating app for black singles in the United States. Shortly after its debut in 2013, Joseph began receiving requests from singles for a more discrete dating service. After many successful matches, Joseph quickly discovered he had a keen aptitude for connecting people. Joseph began offering personal matchmaking professionally in 2015.

Joseph believes that more meaningful relationships between African-American men and women is the catalyst to a stronger community. He relishes in his chosen path as he has a direct influence on helping bridge the gap between the sexes. Currently, Joseph resides in Charlotte, NC where he and his team work daily to assist African American men and women establish life-long connections.