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My name is Joseph Dixon, CEO/Founder and matchmaker at I started RBL in 2012 so that relationship-focused black singles have their own platform to connect. offers the Club RBL for personalized Matchmaking with myself and RealBlackLove Dating App which can be downloaded on Google Play and iTunes. Join the RBL Movement...where real singles are making real connections.

Many attest that the city they reside in hinders them from finding Mr. or Ms. Right. We have decided to settle the case once and for all. At, we have conducted a research to find out what city is truly the worst for heterosexual black singles searching for relationships. How did we come up with our list of the worst cities for black singles? We took polls in metropolitan areas with at least 100,000 African-Americans over the age of 27 years old and making up at least 15% or more of the total population. We studied the economic, demographic and social makeup of each city. We also received singles personal feedback on dating in their city. The cities listed below were found to be far from perfect matches for resident African-American singles. 10. Charlotte, NC 9. Pittsburgh, PA 8. Washington D.C 7. Dallas, TX 6. Denver, CO 5. Detroit, MI 4. Greensboro/Winston Salem, NC 3. Cincinnati, OH 2. San Francisco, CA 1. Atlanta, GA  

10 Worst Cities for Dating Black Singles.

red flags and dating
When I am forced to make tough decisions in life, a pros and cons list always proves beneficial. If the pros dramatically outweigh the cons, the decision is a no-brainer. I tell all singles before they venture out into the wonderful (sometimes scary) world of dating, make a “red flag list,”  some may call it a deal-breaker list. When you are on a date and one of those red flags starting whipping in the breeze, immediately flag the play and see it for what it is. Why should you take red flags so seriously? It’s simple. If you acknowledge the signs that you and a potential partner are not compatible you will not waste so much of your time, effort, and emotional investment with no return. Well, I will side-step the word “wasted” because I believe everything that happens in life, whether positive or negative, is a lesson learned. However, emotional investments are delicate creatures and should not be wasted. Some people sincerely invest so much emotionally in relationships that when the relationship is over, mental and emotional scars are all that remain. It can take months, sometimes even years, to become emotionally able to truly give themselves to another person again. Some individuals jump back into dating way too soon, on the heels of a previous, heavily emotional relationship. They do not give themselves time to heal, but that is another topic for a later date. Look back on any of your previous relationships and analyze the entire connection. I want you to ask yourself, “What went wrong?”. You may find what actually broke the connection was a red flag that you ignored early on in the dating stage. After you have established that you are emotionally ready to start dating again and all the baggage from previous relationships have been relinquished, take the time to […]

Watch out for Red Flags!

Dating with your Heart
If it is the case that we fall in love with our hearts and not with our heads, why are so many of us dating with our heads? Isn’t falling in love the end result we all want? Let’s just say that the universe has awarded us in abundance the ability to love and to be loved. There is no cap on the amount of love one individual can give or receive. Why not be the first in line to receive and give something so amazing. It is through our hearts that we experience love. Most actively dating singles would say that, “It’s scary to make decisions with my heart” or “I don’t want to be hurt, so I need to keep my guard up.” How many are waiting for their intellect to approve their love relationships? 1.     Fall, but fall feet first. Do the preliminary work. Know the core of the person you are getting involved with. You’ll never really know everything about a person. You can however, know their CORE, the center from which all moral and ethical principles are based, you’ll know enough to allow that person into your life. People tell you who they are through their actions and deed. You can’t control their actions, but you can control your reaction. 2.     Be honest and transparent. Don’t be unclear or misleading about your intentions or your feelings. There is nothing worse than misrepresenting yourself or your intentions. 3.     Express Yourself! If you’re dating someone and begin to recognize emotional connection, say it and show it! 4.     Trust yourself. A bird that sits fearlessly on the branch of tree not knowing if the branch will break doesn’t put its faith in the branch. Its faith is in its own wings it’s the ability to fly away. We […]

Date with your Heart

dating co worker
So, you and a co-worker have really been hitting it off. But, should you go for it? At one time or another, everyone has at least thought about or tried the office romance. The real question is: Is it ok? Can a workplace romance really work and be fruitful, or will it end in a complete disaster? Well, the answer is…it all depends. The honest reality is that the success of an office romance depends on the individual that you choose to connect with. Do you want something serious? Does he/she want the same? If it is purely a “physical” thing, then the answer is simple.  DO NOT DO IT! Once the attraction and lust has dissipated, all you will be left with is awkwardness, tears, and drama . It’s simply not worth it. A friend of mine lost a six-figure job because of the insane drama that directly stemmed from an office romance.  No type of romance is worth your livelihood. No way! Due to the risk, I personally have never dated a person at my place of employment. But there is a saying that goes…different strokes for different folks. For those that are intrigued by the thought, it is very important to know the type of person you are dealing with when deciding on an office romance. If your relationship prospect is a “Drama King/Queen,” “Player,” or “Gossiper,” you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. If it’s a serious connection that you both desire, it may be worth the risk. I know of some married couples that currently work together after meeting at work. I say test the waters. Go on several lunch dates. Get to know the person. Ask about his/her current and future focus and goals. If your lunch dates reveal that a genuine interest […]

To Date a Co-worker or Not?

what single black men want
You would think that when a man goes online to use a “dating” app or website that he’s looking for one thing and one thing only. However, it turns out that most such men aren’t looking for sex. According to a new independent survey conducted online by, RealBlackLove, 75 percent of black men ages 27 – 50* who are open to dating online have the intention of finding a serious relationship. The poll, which surveyed over 500 men between the ages of 27 and 50 with an annual household income of $40,000 or more, an associate’s degree or higher and an interest in women, revealed that, of those who have dated or are open to dating online, 55 percent list looking for a potential marriage partner as a relationship objective of online dating. 59 percent of men list seeking companionship, while only 34 percent list using online dating sites looking purely for sex. Furthermore, the study reveals that the majority of men ages 27 – 50* can be romantics willing to make an effort for a big payoff: the Real Black Love survey revealed that 81 percent of these men are open to dating a woman outside their city and half would definitely or probably travel to see a woman from another state that they met online and with whom they had a connection. Surprisingly, the data show that not only are the majority of affluent black men in this age range* NOT online trolling for sex, but 47 percent say that they could fall for someone that they have never even met in person, while 63 percent say that they could fall for someone with whom they have never had sex. While hook-up apps seem to be getting all the attention, they are not really representative of what black men are looking for when they […]

Survey Reveals that 75 percent of Black Men Who Date are Looking for…