Fellas…She Doesn’t Deserve a Dinner Date!

She does not deserve dinner…..yet. Everyday I hear first date horror stories from women seeing that women are more vocal in their dating expeditions. Occasionally I will hear a story from a male that went on a first date from hell via a friend or a fella in RBL Singles Facebook group.

I personally can not recall the last time I took a lady to dinner for a first date. I can not recall the last time I spent over $50 on a first date. Oh sorry, yes I can… it was the worst date I had ever been on up until that time. That was the fastest $189.34 (yes I remembered the total cost) wasted in my life outside of a Black Jack table. If you are like me you work hard for your money. I understand that you are a gentleman and you are all about courting a woman. You want her to see and experience the finer things you have to offer, but first make sure she is worth it. There is nothing wrong with a first date at the local coffee shop, a quick happy hour drink downtown, or even a quick walk in the park.

From a post in the group: “Long story short. I am driving and hoping for some get to know you conversation, however what I got was someone on snapchat and IG for the entire ride to the location. we arrive at the location, I open the door of the car and the place we are eating. We are seated and I look at the menu then tell her that the portions are nice size so be mindful of what you order. Here she goes, orders 5 items off the menu and when they come she is taking pictures to post on whatever……..she didn’t finish any of the items and asked for boxes to go. Okay I am cool with that. But this is the part that got me…She says, I am going to stop by my mothers house so she can taste the food.”

My response: Sorry bro, this is going to happen every now and then but the blow is much softer if it was a $25 excursion instead of $200 of your hard earned money that you can not get back.

The only point of a first date is to establish compatibility, mutual interest and to see if a second date is possible. This does not have to be done in front of lobster and shrimp. Not every lady that you come across should get an invite to your favorite restaurant. Reserve your world for a lady with some potential to be in your life.

Side note: fellas pick up the phone and have at least a 30 minute conversation. You will not believe how many potentials you can weed out with verbal communication.

Another side note: if a woman is appalled that you prefer a more frugal first date than a 5 course meal at the local high post spot….then you already have one red flag to deal with.


Happy Dating

Joseph Dixon