Black Men Reveal, Just Sex or Relationships?

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Black Men Dating Online
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You would think that when a man goes online to use a “dating” app or website that he’s looking for one thing and one thing only. However, it turns out that most such men aren’t looking for sex. According to a new independent survey conducted online by, RBL Dating App, 75 percent of black men ages 27 – 50* who are open to dating online have the intention of finding a serious relationship.

The poll, which surveyed over 500 men between the ages of 27 and 50 with an annual household income of $40,000 or more, an associate’s degree or higher and an interest in women, revealed that, of those who have dated or are open to dating online, 55 percent list looking for a potential marriage partner as a relationship objective of online dating. 59 percent of men list seeking companionship, while only 34 percent list using online dating sites looking purely for sex.

Furthermore, the study reveals that the majority of men ages 27 – 50* can be romantics willing to make an effort for a big payoff: the RBL survey revealed that 81 percent of these men are open to dating a woman outside their city and half would definitely or probably travel to see a woman from another state that they met online and with whom they had a connection.

Surprisingly, the data show that not only are the majority of affluent black men in this age range* NOT online trolling for sex, but 47 percent say that they could fall for someone that they have never even met in person, while 63 percent say that they could fall for someone with whom they have never had sex.

“While hook-up apps seem to be getting all the attention, they are not really representative of what black men are looking for when they go online.  It’s clear that men want more than just sex when they turn to online dating. They want a real connection. They want to find that special one”, states Joseph Dixon; founder of RBL Dating App. “RBL app works hard catering to these men – the romantics out there who will do what it takes to meet a woman who may be ‘the one’. Pop culture says that romance is dead, but this is clearly not the case”.

So what are these men hoping to get from online dating, in addition to companionship?

  • 85 percent of those who have dated or are open to dating online believe they can find something online that they aren’t currently getting in their lives
  • 59 percent believe that what is missing from their lives and can be found through online dating is true companionship
  • 67 percent have a friend/companion that is currently in a relationship with a woman they met online
  • 49 percent think that bars, clubs and lounges are the worse way to meet suitable women
  • 42 percent are hoping that dating online will introduce them to someone with the potential of marriage in the future


Not only are these men turning to online dating to find much more than just a quick hook up, but the survey also found that they are sharing their dating trials and tribulations with their friends.  In fact, 65 percent of men ages 27 – 50 who have dated online have discussed their experiences with their friends. 34 percent of these men compare stories and share tips. Only 32 percent refuse to online date and tell!

Dixon concludes, “Men in the prime of their lives and at the peak of their careers have a different set of standards than most men in their early 20s. On RBL app, the gentlemen are looking to better their lives by looking for substantial connections and they are talking about it”.

*27 – 50 year old U.S. black males with $40K+ household income, an associate’s degree or higher, and an interest in a relationships with women.

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