Stop Rushing Me!

When you’re in a relationship with someone amazing it can begin to feel very magical. It’s as though time stops and the world is now orbiting around the both of you—instead of the sun. Although, often times we rush the dating process which might cause problems in the relationship later down the line. Here are some common signs you may be rushing your relationship:

You don’t know anything about your partner. A clear sign you’re rushing things is when you realize you really don’t know anything important or special about him or her. No—I’m not talking about their favorite color or their favorite food. I’m talking about the real stuff. Do you know if your partner has a food allergy or a health issue? When was the last time your partner got tested for an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)? Do they want kids, or do they dislike the thought of marriage? A lot of the time we are so caught up in the magic that we don’t ask these types of questions. Spend some time together talking and ask some questions that you really need to know.

They have not met your friends. Personally—my friends and I are pretty close and I have a habit of telling them everything. If you and your partner have been dating for months and you have not introduced them to your friends you may be rushing it. Although, your friends may be overly protective at times they always have your back and can sometimes see the things you cannot. Be honest— your best friends are the best private investigators around. Include your partner in your outings and let your friends get to know them. If your friends have not met him/her it could also be a sign that you are neglecting your friends as well.

You don’t know what you are. You guys have hit it off well and you been casually dating for a couple of months now. You know the contents of their bedroom, but you don’t even have a title. Push the breaks, you are rushing it! Take some time to figure out what you are or if this is even a relationship. A lot of the times we think that asking too many questions can cause a rift in the relationship, but it’s never okay to be in the dark.

These are just some of the signs that you may be rushing your relationship, but it mainly comes down to one simple sign intuition. You know within yourself when things are being rushed. Listen to your gut and respect yourself by slowing things down. Enjoy your relationship one day at a time.

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