Real Black Love Stories

Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials

Joseph Dixon, thanks for allowing me to become a member and participate in one of the most awesome and exciting around RealBlackLove. I credit RBL in allowing me to come across a woman who has truly won my heart over. Our chemistry and connection is unexplainable. We have agreed to become exclusive!

Again thank you my brother.

Dedric & Teri

Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials

My Testimony….after being single for over 3 years, love for me didn’t seem to be in the horizon.. Granted 2017 took a turn for the better. I️ became a member of RBL, and soon found, that “Black Love” still exist. I’ve now found my “Soul Mate”. While I️ currently reside in Dallas, and he’s in Arkansas we’ve agreed not to let distance deter our relationship. For those who are still waiting, I️ can truly tell you patience is virtue!

Anishea Jones

Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials

Joseph I just wanted to let you know that I met a beautiful lady on RBL and we’ve been talking for about three weeks now. It’s looking very promising and we are actually committed to dating exclusively now. Thank you.

David Magee 

I met Demetra on RBL and we have been inseparable ever since. I have found my UNICORN.

Rodrigius Ransom

real black love app success stories story
I sent her a message on RealBlackLove app just saying hello and to tell her that I thought her smile was beautiful. I didn’t even think she was going to respond. She later confided in me that she wondered why I kept looking at her pic on the app, but wouldn’t say anything. After talking and texting we met Downtown Chicago for an informal dinner and drinks to confirm the energy via Phone. Of the 30 days since connecting we have spent about 24 of them together and have discovered many similarities and common ideologies and goals. We truly enjoy each others company and communicate openly about all things. What did make us decide to become exclusive? To many coincidences to be called coincidences. She asked,  “If We were really doing this” I replied…”Till the wheels fall off”. Two weeks ago she went to church and brunch with me and met the 3 women whom I call my 3 pillars.. Mom, Grandmother and Aunt… They just love her.
Maceo Yusef and Jacquelyn Foster

Hi, Joseph and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I know that Gregory has already contacted about this but I would be remiss if I didn’t contact you as well to relay the good news. Gregory and I have recently decided to start dating exclusively. I’m so grateful to have met him on RBL thank you so much for doing what you do. You are truly changing lives. Ordinarily I don’t think we would have ever met one another, so I am so grateful to the RBL network for the chance to meet a wonderful, loving man of God, outstanding father and leader. To tell you a little about my back story, I wad married in 2012 and my husband left me in 2014 for another woman while i was pregnant and our divorce was finalized this year. I had dated for a while unsuccessfully and then just settled on the fact that I was content with being single even if that meant being single for the rest of my life and that’s when Greg found me. I’m so very happy and so very grateful. What an awesome Christmas gift. Thank you again.


Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials

Thank you RBL for helping me find my soul mate. We connected immediately and I fell in love with her the first day we spoke. We both were broken now we complete one another. SHE IS MY ROCK, MY SOULMATE, MY QUEEN.
June Malloy

We met on RBL October 26, 2017 and although we’re 8 hours away we don’t allow distance to be a distraction in our relationship!

Jarvis Thompson and Shanna Belin


real black love app success stories story

Our first date we went to the park and listened to live bands. After we talked by the lake for hours then we went out to eat afterwards. We just loved each other conversation.

Real Black Love Success Stories and Couple Testimonials

When my ex walked away I told her that God would send her replacement. That he did! We met on RBL and fell in love. I feel I have known her for years, but its only been 3 months. She makes the sacrifice to fly to see me every weekend seeing I an nearing graduation and running my pie business so it is difficult for me to travel. It is a blessing to have a woman that would do such so we can spend quality time together. God did this and I am grateful for my future wife and CFO of my company. I wish Peace, Love and Happiness for each and every one of you.

Christopher Bell

So a guy hit me up on the RBL app in the middle of July who was far from my type. I decide to take the advice I’ve read from matchmaker Joseph Dixon and chatted with him. We found that we had a lot in common. We met up for a meet and greet and it went so well he planned for us to meet on a date. On the date he showed up with a single rose, opened and closed doors, such a true gentleman. The icing on the cake for me was when he showed up the next day with his lawn mower because he saw my grass needed to be cut. We’ve been on a date every weekend since we’ve met. I didn’t know men like this still existed. I had to pinch him last night to make sure he was real lol. I say all of this to say don’t give up and date outside the box you never know what you may find. 

Keisha D.

I had a first date last weekend, and I must tell you about it! We met at a restaurant that was nearby, and while the date lasted about 2 1/2 hours, it was absolutely awesome. She was absolutely beautiful, and had my heart beating at about 273 beats per minute every time I looked at her. The conversation was engaging, and she just seemed to always know what to say, and I can tell she was being genuine with her conversation. We were so engaged in conversation until we looked up and saw we were the only ones left in our section of the restaurant…they had begun to clean up and get ready to close! To top it off, she likes Star Wars! Lol! I really don’t know what else to say other than I’ll be looking forward to our next date! We both said we don’t know what will come of us, but at least we know we can be good friends. She is an awesome woman!

Eric Holmes


As a divorced man dating is and was not easy. I heard about RBL from a friend, she stated she met some decent men on the site. After one week of becoming a member on the app, I met my now love of my life. We have been together going on a little over a year now. I can not tell you how much I appreciate RealBlackLove. It has definitely been a Godsend. 

Gary Littleton

Within two weeks of joining RealBlackLove I was out on a date with an incredible lady that I am now in a relationship with. 

Michael Turner


Thank you immensely for your dating site. Quickly I met a wonderful God fearing man I’m certain I have a future with. It’s been 3 months now and we are growing greatly in our friendship in hopes of a amazing love relationship. My request is to remove my profile as mission has been accomplished. Thank you again for your services.

Dr. Phillips


I hadn’t heard about your app until recently. I have been a member of a couple of other dating apps and I must say I wasn’t impressed. I had been a little skittish about online dating anyways and decided to let my other memberships expire. I must say I like the format of this app. The male members I’ve met seem to be nice and honestly looking to make a real connection with someone. Nice. I think this app is an asset to the dating community. 

Denisha Wilson

 I want to say thank you a million times, because I don’t think one thank you is enough to describe how much I appreciate RealBlackLove! I was a little skeptical, but I really did not have much to lose considering that my dating life was at a standstill. I joined RealBlackLove because I deserve a man that will be true, faithful and honest. I knew that they were out there, and I found that on RealBlackLove. 

Trisha Washington

To start, RealBlackLove is the first dating app I have used. It is very easy to work with. The membership process was quick, and I am glad I joined. I like how the app allows for someone to express who they are as much as they want. As a member of RealBlackLove I have been exposed to some of the most eligible, respectful guys. I actually lost hope for a long time, now I have options! So glad my girl told me about this app. I have been talking to a guy off of RealBlackLove for a couple of months now. Things are going great! 

Alisha Stewart

I have tried other dating apps and they were all the same; I wasted my money and time with no success. I was looking in all the wrong places and falling for all the wrong types of women. I decided to join RealBlackLove. No other app compares. The women I have met on here are just incredible! 

Quinton Roberts



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